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In the news: breasts and other boobs

Read the Artful Flower’s inspired essay on breastfeeding and censorship here.

And watch the powerful Frontline on how Dick Cheney purposefully became Vice President just to “restore executive power” – or “create a tyranny” – however you may wish to interpret it.  The details of events are spelled out – I highly recommend a viewing online.


River trip pictures

Head on over to my flickr account to see pictures from the river trip, as promised. I’ve had to edit out some truly inappropriate and incriminating ones…as we say, “what happens on the river stays on the river”. But never fear – there are still some gems in there.

On solid ground again

We’re back from our kayaking adventure.  I’m always surprised to find that though we were among the youngest there, I drink less, go to sleep earlier, and rally less well than most of the group.

This year I had a pretty clean run and only spilled twice.  The first was a run-of-the-mill flop when I went through a crested wave sideways; the other a spill in a hole where I was churned underneath for a few long seconds before I figured out which way was up and found the sun.

I did manage to surf a couple of waves this year – one backwards on Lower Whitehouse on purpose, and one forwards when I didn’t get the momentum to get over the large wave and stayed on top for 4 seconds or so which looked cool although it was completely by accident.

Really, riding down the river is much like a birth – it’s completely unpredictable.  Each time is different due to many different circumstances.  The level of the water, the placement of the rocks, the cresting of a wave in front of you, and the shifting of the breeze can make your ride scary or disappointing or thrilling from day to day or moment to moment.  You just never know which turns in the river from run to run will be give you a bigger ride or be smooth as glass.  Sometimes a strong headwind picks up unexpectedly over a slow moving stretch and you have to augment your progress by paddling hard for miles and miles.  At other times you might come across a stretch of frothy whitewater that spilled you last time and you, white as a sheet and nauseous, make it through clean with only fear, determination and pure adrenalin as your guide.  Sometimes you spill and an experienced arm yanks you out of the water and places you back into your boat.  At other times you spill and climb onto your boat all by yourself mid-rapid, picking up your gear confidently as it floats through the churning water.  At the end of the ride, no matter how easily you sailed over the waves or how many times you got your ass kicked, you have your stories to carry with you and share and embrace with pride.

I came home surprised and excited to find out that my client is, in fact, still pregnant.  She’s scheduled an induction for today at noon, although at the local hospital it is very likely it will get kicked back to later today or even tomorrow or the next day.  I’ll share her birth story, but not before de-briefing with the client.  She does read this blog and has given me permission to write about her, but I feel that it is important that she solidify the story in her own mind before I impression her memory from my side.  Wish her luck and a safe ride through the waves, whatever they are!

Pictures of the trip to come.  Just keep in mind that river water does not make good hair product.

Leaving for vacation tomorrow

I’ll be kayaking in Idaho for four days and will obviously not have access to my computer, much less my phone.

My doula client was aware of the vacation when she picked me, however I will feel pretty awful if she goes into labor on one of the five days that I’ll be gone.  Honestly, I’d rather stay and attend her labor than go on the river trip – I’ll be thinking and wondering about her constantly.  She declined the idea of a backup doula, but she does have a close friend who will be with her, and we had that little informal childbirth education session so she’s at least got a few tools on how to support her friend.  Mom and I have been talking and emailing a lot and I feel really confident that she’s in a great mental place to really “enjoy” her birth, although that may seem like a strange word for it.

In any case, I’ll be calling her the second I have cell phone access when we come out of the water on Sunday!  And yes, yes, I’ll enjoy the trip.  Last year we had a blast.

“See” you all on Monday!

We’re Baaaackkkk…

At the climax of our trail through Oregon, we found ourselves snowed in with a stomach-flu toddler at a lake we could not see through the blizzard, let alone drive around due to a closed road.   In June.  June, I say!  Did no one tell Crater Lake that it is summer?  But never fear, much fun was still had!

I want to move to Bend.  Ashland and Eugene would do as well.

Also, hangovers should not hurt on vacation.

Hello, you!

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