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Positive thoughts/prayer request

Both my sister-in-laws on my husband’s side just had babies within 3 weeks of each other. One of them, the baby just now a month old, had obvious jaundice that the pediatrician wasn’t concerned about and wouldn’t test. When my SIL got frustrated enough to find another pediatrician, it was found that the baby’s bilirubin numbers were high enough that she needed to take her directly to the emergency room. There it was determined that the baby was not responding to photo therapy after an overnight visit. She has now been sent to Seattle’s Children’s Hospital where she has been for a couple of days and her symptoms are now being able to be treated with medication, however they have not yet found the root cause of the jaundice. Luckily they have tested for some of the scarier causes and they have come back negative. The family will be at Children’s for at least a week. I’m asking for prayer/meditation/positive thought requests for baby Phoebe and her parents and two sisters…thanks.


Caught on camera: egg emerging from ovary

This story comes from RedSpiral (not from her blog but from a doula listserv we are both members of).

During the hysterectomy of a 45 year old woman, gynecologists in Belgium happened to catch the beauty of her egg emerging from a ripe follicle on her ovary. This is something that has never been captured on camera before. Most theories on how an egg is released suggested something akin to an explosion, but this egg took 15 minutes to slowly, naturally make its way into the world. Kind of like a birth, wouldn’t you say? The egg’s “birth” is slow and gentle, needing no intervention for a safe journey.

What would have happened if we would have had the ability to see this process long ago?  Would we have set parameters on what the normal length of egg release is?  Would we have augmented it, even if when it was working well?  And I wonder  (warning: fairly hippy-dippy comment) – does the egg keep this “memory” and use it during birth once it has become an infant, emerging from the womb?

Enjoy the pictures – I think they are gorgeous. And here’s the complete story from BBC News.

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