busy busy busy

WARNING: this is one of those horrible “i’m-so-sorry-i-haven’t-posted-this-is-why” posts.  I’m pretty sure I’ve had meetings every night for the last three months, not to mention having full days every day:

  • Doula clients abound.  I’m turning people away – which absolutely breaks my heart.  I’ve met some absolutely WONDERFUL people I’ve had to turn elsewhere.  It’s hard to say “no” to being invited into a birth you know will be incredible.
  • Because I’ve been a pain in the ass environmental activist, I’ve been asked to be on the city’s waste management citizen team who is going to help get curbside recycling to my town for the first time.  Woot!  Of course, this will mean more evening meetings…
  • I also do this little side job where I put braces on people’s legs and stuff before surgery – long story.  It’s been an incredibly busy last couple of months.  What is going on this Spring that is tearing up everyone’s ACL tendons?  However that business is infinitely more profitable than my doula business, because I tend to throw too much money into my passion (birth).
  • I went to childbirth ed training recently – which was AMAZING.  If any of you are thinking of certifying as a childbirth educator, go learn from Teri at Passion for Birth.  Seriously.  Lots of inventive, fun ways to teach birth topics I can’t wait to try out.  Now, though, I need to: a) observe an childbirth education series; b) read a bunch of books; c) create a curriculum (no easy task – it will be over 100 pages long); d) teach a class observed by an experienced educator; e) study study study; and f) sit for the Lamaze certifying exam only given twice a year – I’m shooting for October, which would be hard even if that is all I was doing.  AND I’m going to Birthing From Within training in August.  (I couldn’t decide.)  Hoping to write about the experience soon.
  • While I was at childbirth ed training, I got to meet a long-time blog-buddy of mine.  Her name is Kristina and she’s a blogging doula from Washington State.  Seriously – I don’t have Multiple Personality Disorder or anything – there is another one!  Hers is one of the first blogs I ever started reading, probably a little over 2 years ago.  Her blog is really raw and honest and she’s someone who has quite a firm head on her shoulders and I value (and at times envy!) her awareness.  I wish I had time to write about the meeting – it was so much fun seeing someone you know quite intimately for the first time.  Luckily she wrote about our meeting here and a pic is here.  Maybe I can get around to writing it up and doing her justice soon.
  • Had a couple of days of fever, tossing about on the couch through hot and cold sweats.  Fun fun.  Now, thankfully, I’m left with just a run-of-the-mill cold.
  • Somehow with all this on, I managed to get through Mansfield Park right before we have our book club meeting this weekend.
  • And just because I have nothing better to do with my time (ha!) I just signed up for a gym membership where I’m participating in an 8-week study.  I get a deeply discounted price on my gym membership and they get to weigh me and measure my body fat (ick).  Which they tell me is “higher than the average person”.  First of all I doubt it – I’m fairly thin…second of all they didn’t take my height into consideration (I’m 5’9″).  However I’m happy with the discount and I really needed the motivation of going with a friend who joined with me so I’ll keep it up.  All I have to do is go to three one-hour classes a week – yoga (fun!), strength training (hmmm…), and cardio (ick).  If I don’t show up for class (they have many scheduled so even if I’m at a birth I should be safe) I have to pay them my full membership fee.  Talk about motivation.
  • Oh yeah, I’m a full-time-mom!  Playgroups/playdates abound and stuff at school is happening, as it seems they like to cram a lot of stuff in at the end.  Preschool ends in 2 weeks and I seriously need to figure out swimming lessons, etc. for the summer.

With all this spilling off my plate, blogging and reading blogs is suffering.  And I have to admit I’m seriously thinking about taking a hiatus so I can get some stuff done.  Quitting altogether has even crossed my mind.  However I really stay on top of birth stuff through the internet.  And I’ve made some really great “friends” (most of which I’ve never met and most likely never will) which I can’t imagine not keeping up with.  What am I to do?


6 Responses to “busy busy busy”

  1. 1 Tiarnna May 11, 2008 at 8:31 am

    Um, yeah, body fat and you do not belong in the same sentence. LOL

    And no, you may not quit the internet, blogging, whatever crazy maniacal thing you were considering. 😉

    I am so excited for your childbirth training! How cool!!! Someday in the future, I hope to weasle my way into that as well. =)

  2. 2 jenkraus1 May 11, 2008 at 10:42 pm

    OMG girl, I just read this post and didn’t realize all you have going on. Maybe the book club is what should be put on hold. I would miss your posts if you stopped.

  3. 3 kris May 14, 2008 at 5:23 am

    ya, definitely the book club instead of blogging(!) in my selfish opinion!

    oh to have the problem of having to turn clients away!

  4. 4 Emeth Hesed May 15, 2008 at 5:30 pm

    I can’t believe everything you’re doing. Please don’t quit blogging! Don’t even think about it! It’s better to blog just a little than not at all.

    And hey, as if you don’t have enough to do already, are you still planning on teaching that childbirth class?

  5. 5 Agatha May 17, 2008 at 8:57 am

    It’s a toughie. I was outed on friday, so, it seems, was Morag on mama midwife madness. I dunnow hat we’re going to do 😦 x

  6. 6 MereMortal May 27, 2008 at 11:26 am

    dang, girl, you really have been busy!
    i can’t wait to see what your new adventures hold.
    and i totally relate to having to turn away clients. it sucks! but when you don’t, you pay. i had one insane month because i took on too many clients and we all suffered because of it.

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