Currently here’s everything “extra” – besides, you know, being a mom and a wife – that I’m doing with my time:

– Went on a hospital tour, doctor’s visit and had a doula meeting with my client and her partner who are due in mid-March – gentle, loving souls who desire very intuitive, non-interventional birth.  They will be my first clients from Walla Walla (about an hour away) and my first “surprise” baby (they don’t know if it is a boy or a girl).  So far, I’m pretty impressed with the hospital they’ll be attending.

– Meeting with my mid-April clients tonight where we will go over their birth preferences and their expectations of me.  They are pretty trusting of medical technology (and I’m not in the business of ripping that trust away from her – I just work with her needs and desires) and she knows she’ll want an epidural at some point.  They are smart and funny and it is fun to work with them.  They hired me on a recommendation from a friend who had a great experience with having a doula at her birth.  At her birth, I’ll be there mostly, I think, to reassure them that everything is going well, that her body knows what it is doing, and to provide reassurance to hubby and provide comfort measures such as massage, cold/heat, suggestions of positions, etc.  My two clients are so different and I love supporting women in different ways.

– I have another very strong “nibble” of someone due in late April.  I already have an April client and need to talk it over with her before I take someone that possibly could give birth on the same day as her.  If I decide not to take her, they’ve expressed interest in hiring me just for some prenatal stuff which could be really fun – sort of like a private mini-childbirth educator session.  I’ve also passed along information on other area doulas (as I always do, even if I am available).

– I’m working on putting binders together for my clients – notebooks of interesting articles and other information that I rarely have time to go over with clients in our limited meetings together.  The idea is that they get it at their first prenatal, then return it to me at their last appointment (or if they lose it, pay me $75 – the cost of putting it together).  So far the notebooks are about 300 pages long (ouch).  If I left myself unchecked, I could easily make the notebooks 1000 pages long.  There is so much info in there – things like perineal massage, positions, rights of childbearing women, studies, breastfeeding, postpartum depression stuff.  I’ll probably be adding to (and hopefully taking away from!) them for a long time to get them just right.

– A friend asked me to serve on a college scholarship committee to my alma mater.  The two of us are going through resumes/applications of high school students and scoring them, then we’ll interview ten and pick our top five.  Each application has merit (and is better qualified for college than I was at the time!) and it is going to be impossible to choose between them all.   Our decisions are due in the second week of March and we’ve just begun.  We have 135 applicants and a scoring system to keep in mind.

– At some point we need to sit down and plan for our garden.  Rich and I had grand plans of actually educating ourselves on the finer points of organic horticulture over the winter – and I did absolutely nothing toward that goal.  I’m hoping, though, to build some raised bedssolarize our soil to kill the weed seeds and such, and do something with the smelly hunk of discarded fruit and vegetable scraps that I pretend to call our compost bin.

– Since I’ve been working on all of this, the house is a wreck, the laundry is piled up, bills have been forgotten (but noting overdue or anything – I just have no idea what my bank account balance is), recycling is atrocious, I haven’t cracked any of the books piling up on my nightstand, etc.  Gotta get to all that “normal” stuff soon.


3 Responses to “Busy”

  1. 1 kris February 28, 2008 at 8:58 am

    you are a busy-busy lady! i’d love to hear how that notebook tunrs out.

  2. 2 JenK February 28, 2008 at 11:14 am

    So jealous about the scholarship committee! That sounds like so much fun. I hear you about being busy. I don’t even want to think abou the household backlog I’ll have when I get home.


  3. 3 jenkraus1 February 28, 2008 at 8:09 pm

    Wow! Lots of good stuff going on. I’m not that busy and my house is a mess, reading is piled up, and books are not balanced. So don’t feel bad, just enjoy. 🙂

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