Honoring those who have gone before us (OR: cleaning up my blogroll)

You might have noticed that I finally took time to clean up my blogroll.  I’ve added a bunch of great new blogs – most of them birth-related although there are a few parenting gigs up there.  The hardest part, of course, of cleaning up a blogroll is taking down the names of great bloggers that you love but haven’t posted in months.  Here I will honor those blogs that I miss dearly.

The Zero Boss – Out of deep respect, I need to start with Mr. Jay Andrew Allen.  The man was a blogging machine – posting probably a good 5 times a day – each with enourmous wit and charm, with a huge helping of intellect thrown in.  He wasn’t one of those touchy-feely-loveable bloggers on first blush, but just underneath all the snark was a very loveable guy.  Zero’s site was the first blog I visited each day (truth be told, the first website I visited each day) and life on the web just isn’t the same without his voice in it.  I miss his insight into religion and sexuality the most.  Now there’s two divergent topics, but the man made it work.  Zero is still alive, he reassured me right before killing his gmail account – and the death of his blog is a very good thing in the midst of the family problems that he alluded to.  I wish you whole again, Zero man.

Catawampus!  – This was Kim Voynar’s personal blog – Zeroboss’s wife.  I can only assume that she killed off her blog for the same personal reasons as Jay.  “Kimi” is a film critic for cinematical.com and is a fantastic writer.  I miss her raw honesty and her spunk – two traits that are not often found in the same persona.  Her last few posts were truly heartwrenching.  Be well, Kim.

CircuitBeta and MyAllusions – these are people I know in real life.  Actually I hardly knew circuitbeta at all – only by association.  Have you ever known that quiet person that occasionally said something extremely witty or meaningful and you wondered what else was up there?  Well CircuitBeta was like getting a glimpse into the mind of that person.  From what I know of him he’s not the type to be so out there with his thoughts and feelings, so I think he hasn’t blogged there any more for feeling a bit exposed.  I hope I wasn’t a part of that exposure – I just really get excited when someone else that lives in the same town as me starts blogging.  It gets pretty lonely here in my corner of Cyberworld.  MyAllusions, on the other hand, still hangs out on my blogroll.  She’s one of my best friends in real life and I just can’t axe her.  Besides, she had a pretty undercover sort of job and blogging was not looked fondly upon.  She’s recently changed companies and I’m really excited for her, and hoping she’ll pick up the proverbial pen soon.  (I’ll give her a month.)

Cloud-Seven-Point-Five – Due to ex-husband privacy issues, she had to kill her blog.  However, she’s a blogger at heart so never fear.  She’s very open with her struggles as a single mother, dating again, living on a small-ish income and finding meaning in art, relationships and work.  Despite all of that, she dregs up her humor and wit daily.  I still get my daily dose of her life elsewhere – hint, hint.

Dispatches from SouthEast Portland – This was my insight into a mind that was clearly very different than mine.  Truly John Goes and his cohort Dan McKinlay were brilliant guys, although we held very divergent political beliefs.  John was suspicious of the environmental agenda, raved about the virtues of smoking, and could possibly called misogynist.  Yet somehow I really enjoyed reading his thoughts – it was like insight into a belief system that I am so opposed – yet I occasionally even found truth there.  I found the blog when it was on the front page of WordPress one day and never stopped reading.  Hope the Windy City is treating you well, John.

Milliner’s Dream – Aside from RedSpiral (who doesn’t blog much about being a doula any more), Hannah’s was the first doula blog I read.  She was so inspiring and some of her better posts helped form my own personal doula philosophy.  She was my mentor in many ways and her words helped me in many times while I was trying to decide what to do exactly with my passion for birth.  In fact, she rescued me once or twice from a blog rut that I didn’t think I could dig myself out of.  I can’t help but worry about Hannah – she hasn’t returned email.  I hope she is alright out there.  If anyone knows anything, I would love to hear, even if it is just to say that she is okay.

The Examining Room of Dr. Charles – I think I might have had a bit of an internet-crush on Dr. Charles.  He truly was a great blogger and well-loved by so many.  (Translation: He wouldn’t know me from Adam.)  It is rare to find such compassion from a male voice and he had such a love for humanity and kindness in his practice that brought me to tears regularly.  (I’m not trying to disclude you male internetfriends of mine – you know I love you – you qualify as compassionate — mostly — as well.)


4 Responses to “Honoring those who have gone before us (OR: cleaning up my blogroll)”

  1. 1 whit September 17, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Crap, I better go post before I get axed!

  2. 2 Dan September 17, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Yeah, last time i posted was saturday.

  3. 3 Dan Leone September 20, 2007 at 3:03 pm

    Speaking as a mostly compassionate male, I am honored to be considered your friend (if not entirely crush-worthy. LOL).

    Thank you for being you and now I need to find something to write about. Any thoughts?


  1. 1 4 Months? You’ve got to be kidding me. « My Allusions Trackback on September 22, 2007 at 12:09 pm

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