What the World Eats (in Richland)

As promised, I have a photo of our groceries for this week. Sorry about the quality of the picture – Rich hastily took the snapshot from outside our kitchen window in between helping me arrange groceries on the dining room table and keeping the kiddies from crawling all over them and we didn’t have time to arrange for better lighting. Because of the obvious logistics of getting a photo with the entire family without a professional photographer (and a bigger kitchen/dining room), I hadn’t planned on being in the picture at all – but Rich insisted. So there in the shadows behind the pre-grilled chicken for atop our salads (a new thing we are trying this week), there I am. Ignore the layer of sweat glistening on my face. It’s due in part to the mad rush of arranging groceries with only a small window of available time between a kid meltdown and another part that I am dressed for winter on a 85 degree day. (Grocery stores are cold!)

Yes, we really do eat this healthy. Although I admit that this is on the healthier side of our food parabola, it still represents a fairly “normal” week for us. We are hanging to the healthier side of normal these days because swimsuit season is hanging upon us, as are ten or so extra pounds from our sedentary winter. Even still, I see things that are there to poke fun at. Yes, as an American family we really do eat Macaroni & Cheese and Skippy peanut butter.

Another thing that should be said is that these are our groceries but not necessarily the be-all and end-all of what we will eat this week. We usually go out to eat about twice in a given week – once for lunch and once for dinner – and almost always the dreaded Red Robin both times. Connor has to have his macaroni and cheese and chocolate milk, you know. In fact, when he found out that there wasn’t a Red Robin where we were going to be moving to in England, he lost his optimism about the change. Also – there are probably a few things left over from last week in the refrigerator, pantry and freezer that we will be using this week. No – that doesn’t include any Oreos or ice cream. Dammit. And no, we will not be consuming that entire container of salt in seven days’ time.

Anyone want to join me in revealing your groceries naked for all to see? I’ll link to you here!


3 Responses to “What the World Eats (in Richland)”

  1. 1 whit June 17, 2007 at 9:53 am

    My picture would be a pizza box and a case of beer. Oh, and baby formula.

  2. 2 Agatha June 19, 2007 at 12:03 am

    I love this idea!

    We shop for groceries daily, so i’ll be posting in a week or so with a full collection!

    I also love that someone buys as many courgettes as I do.

  3. 3 americanmum June 19, 2007 at 7:19 am

    (Courgettes = zucchini, for those of you who are not British.)

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