Random Thoughts

How do you get ants out of the strawberry patch when you are trying to do things as organically as possible?  I’ve read on some organic gardening sites that a little boric acid mixed into sugar water might be the answer.  Is boric acid organic?

I’m busy finding ways to keep the kids busy during the summer – especially Connor, who will be out from preschool.  This is necessary for our total family sanity – too much time without structure sends us into a moody, tantrum-filled (kids AND mom) tailspin.  Swimming class is a must.  Other tempting class options include soccer, drama, and sports introduction.  I’m searching for an art class as Connor is often the only boy at a table full of girls at the arts and crafts table during preschool “independent work time”, and he obviously loves it. I can’t find any in town that don’t seem as if they were specifically designed to stunt creativity.  Even still, iIt is amazing how many classes and activities are available during the summer, even in our little town.

Global human population is out of control – an indisputable fact.  Is climate change a necessary “fix” and our planet’s natural way of bringing life back into a sustainable balance?  If not global warming, what else might take its place?  An epidemic?  Our own destructive natures?  Are there any actions we can take to avoid nature’s wrath?  A gruesome thought.

I have sage and thyme dried from the garden.  I’d love to find a few good recipes for a poultry rub or a herb-infused olive oil.   How fun would it be to grow organic herbs and sell them, all from the backyard?  I wonder how much money is in it?

Living on one income and providing for four is tough.  Is it tough because we truly are living close to the bone, or is it tough because most of our good friends either are single professionals, have two incomes, or are doctors and just plain rich?  Is this jealousy?  I love my family, and wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world.

We as humans are taking all the “natural” out of natural selection.  Forest management, wildlife management, genetic control of our crops, using technology instead of our bodies, and even modern medicine.  Are we stunting our own (and our planet’s) growth?  Are we capable as a species to operate in any other way?

I still feel the call for birth work.  The doula thing calls me the most because it would enable me to be “with woman” without having to give up money and years for education (at least for the moment).  For whatever reason, birth education does not call me in the same way as being in the room with a laboring woman and comforting her – at least not right now – although the schedule would make much more sense.  Rich thinks it will take too much time away from him and the family and worries about child care if I am on call and have to leave for a birth in the middle of the day.  Legitimate concerns, although I doubt I would have more than one birth a month.  If I can work out a system with someone we trust, would he be open to it?   I haven’t spoken to him about it for months.  I think he interprets that thinking that I’ve lost interest.  I haven’t.

When friends ask for advice for situations dealing with love, should I give advice to friends from the heart or the mind?  Where is the advice I’m giving coming from?

Too many things spinning in my head right now, obviously with a large range.  Somehow all these thoughts are making it hard to put a nicely themed blog post together.  This is generally when I start making one of my famous lists.  Maybe I should just sit with my thoughts for a while and see what happens.


3 Responses to “Random Thoughts”

  1. 1 Dan May 15, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    With the ants one … maybe follow one back to the nest and pore boiling water into it.

    For all the other ones, i’m not sure boiling water would work all that well.

  2. 2 Mr. Americanmum May 15, 2007 at 3:21 pm

    I know you to well Mrs. Americanmum, the duola dream is in your blood.

  3. 3 karen May 16, 2007 at 6:48 am

    Hey there– sort of on a birth high here as got home last night from a pretty amazing birth. We are moving towards just what you describe. When I leave my current job (residential school setting), I will be a doula, hoping to work at one, maybe sometimes two, births a month. My thinking is that statistically speaking what are the chances that it will be daytime, not a weekend, be longer than 24 hours. I reached a point where I think I have enough people we are close to here that I have lots of childcare options….this helps with some of the living close to the bone, even if I were to need to pay someone, like for a full day of care for all 3 kids, I still bring home a very nice wage, have next to no overhead and have earned it in a short period of time. It does take up a certain amount of mental space, just being on call. Every night I run through options in case the call comes in. Does Mr. Americanmum have an ability to use flextime, work-at-home or buy a week vac? Cause that can help too! Don’t give up, you can totally make this work! There are even at home certification programs, how cool is that!
    In other news, I’ve heard boric acid works too, and you can try to get just the top soil, not your plants. Also, I’d buy from your backyard farmer’s market, if only I were driving by!

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