Bigger babies born to bigger moms, researchers say. I say, “DUH”.

Researchers.  Who FUNDS studies as asinine as this?  It’s stories like this that perpetuate the misogynistic obsession with female weight in this country.  How many ways can we make larger women feel ugly and guilty about their size?

Medial researchers at the University of Southampton in England spent perfectly good quid to learn that larger women tend to have babies who are also large.  Do these “scientists” think they are actually proving anything here?  Or is this another scare tactic?  Are their paychecks being written out by Nautilus or Gold’s Gym?

Did it ever occur to them that the reason bigger babies might be born to bigger moms has nothing to do with activity level but comes down to simple genetics?  Obesity runs in families.  Your statistics lesson for today: correlation does not prove causation.  Recite this to yourself as you read, listen or watch any medical news story and chances are you’ll notice that most of it is ambush journalism with an agenda or just rubbish.

My favorite part of the study is how they measured how fit a woman was.  No, no physical fitness tests needed here – a simple poll asked them if they were “slow walkers”.  Now, how many overweight people do you know that routinely walk fast?  With extra flesh I imagine it’s not that easy.

I have a pet peeve when women worry about how many pounds they have put on during pregnancy.  To my experience, you are going to gain what you are going to gain.  My advice?  Try to eat reasonably well, don’t be sedentary and don’t starve yourself and you and your baby in all likelyhood will turn out fine.

What’s more dangerous – gaining a couple of pounds more than your goal pregnancy weight (which may or may not be a healthy goal weight for you anyway) or risking the malnutrition of your unborn baby?  What kind of message are you sending to your children?

And if you have a history of obesity in your family, it is not just as easy as giving up Twinkies.  Skipping meals is not a good option, either.  Eat healthy, reasonable portions of food and please, don’t starve yourself.

Especially if you are pregnant.


1 Response to “Bigger babies born to bigger moms, researchers say. I say, “DUH”.”

  1. 1 Her Bad Mother March 20, 2007 at 9:28 am


    I share your peeve about overweaning concern over weight gain during pregnancy. NOT the time to be dieting. I had such difficulty keeping my dietary bases covered that it would have been a disaster if I’d tried, at the same time, to watch fat intake and carb intake and what have you. Mind you, I could have watched the onion ring intake, but then my veggie consumption would have gone down by halves.

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