Five things you might not know about me – job edition

The “five things” meme seems to be going around, so I thought I’d jump in with a career twist:

1.  My first job was for Johnson’s and Johnson’s as a test baby.  My mom got a little spending cash for washing my golden infantile locks with their shampoo in a laboratory.  She quit the program when they wanted to test band-aids (don’t know if blood was involved).  Hey – at least they weren’t doing their testing on animals, right?

2.  I spent high school and college involved in the following “professions”: reading tutor for elementary kids, movie theater popcorn lackey, day-care worker.  The day care experience taught me that if I can handle 10 two-year-olds on my own, then two kids ain’t so bad.

3.  My first job out of college was a dishwasher at Pullman Memorial Hospital.  It was a temp position (as a newlywed we were running out of money) and I only worked there for 2 weeks before landing another (actual) job.  I had to wear a hairnet and push a cart around the hospital collecting patients’ trays.  Hardly anyone looked me in the eye – I remember wanting to scream “I am a college graduate” at everyone who ignored me.  I was a horrible at the job.  Something about scraping sick peoples’ half-eaten food off their plates creeped me out.  To this day, I want to take a loofah to my entire body after I wash the family dishes.

4.   I did marketing internships at the Appaloosa Horse Club and earlier at the National Dry Pea and Lentil Council.  I was called “Miss Pea” by the Asia-Pacific trade team that I drove around the palouse for a couple of days.  It was at the Pea and Lentil Council I developed my love for wasabi pea snacks.

5.   Some of the funnest things I got to do for my old “real career” as a marketing communications manager: re-brand a couple of companies; work with an ad agency to create a print campaign that ran in the Wall Street Journal among other places; see press releases I wrote be read or printed almost word-for-word in the media; travel all around the country about once a month to be the head trade show booth bunny.


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