Who I am: a mantra

I’d rather be…

…smart than beautiful.

…aware than happy.

…ditsy than dumb.

…true to myself than trendy.

…honest than witty.

…the target of a cruel joke than the jokester.

I’d rather have…

…a pair of sensible shoes than a closet full of uncomfortable ones.

…a few real friends than a lot of fake ones.

…a heart full of love than a pretty face.

I’d rather feel…

…ackward than fake.

…self-aware than self-absorbed.

…true to myself than “one of the cool kids”.

…like a square peg than a perfectly shapened round one just like all of the others.

Sadly, some days, I have to remind myself of these things.


1 Response to “Who I am: a mantra”

  1. 1 Hannah February 21, 2007 at 12:34 am

    OHHHHH….I wish I had written this!!! It’s beautifully written and so thoughtful, honest and thought-provoking.


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