No Plan B for Rape Victims in Connecticut

Opponents of a Connecticut bill that would require hospital workers to offer emergency contraception (EC, Plan B, the morning after pill) to rape victims are calling it a “restriction on religious freedom”.   Others are saying that it is “ludicrous” that Connecticut “apparently needs a state law to force hospitals to provide” EC to rape survivors.

40% of rape survivors who make it to a counselor in a Connecticut hospital are not offered emergency contraception or were not given the full two doses of the drug, according to Connecticut Sexual Assault Crisis Services.

Not surprisingly, the largest opponents of the bill are Catholic Hospitals, who currently test to make sure a woman is not ovulating before agreeing to give EC.  In other words, they only agree to give EC if they are sure there will not be a pregnancy in the first place.

And the point of that is?

The Catholic Church equates the prevention of implantation as abortion. It is little known that most fertilized eggs pass through a woman without implanting, EC or not.  In fact, ACOG (the main body that governs Obstetricians and Gynecologists) marks the beginning of pregnancy at once the egg implants into the lining of the uterus.  So EC does not cause an abortion.  In fact, it prevents one from happening later.

Even if you do not buy that EC is not abortion, let’s examine the ethical dilemma in question.  Are doctors having to compromise their religion by offering the morning after pill to rape victims?  No.  A doctor’s job is to give accurate information on both sides of a coin and allow a patient to decide the best treatment for themselves.  In other words, it is not the doctor’s (or counselor’s or hospital’s) ethical or religious delimma at all.  It is the woman’s.

The withholding of EC and information about EC from rape victims is happening in Catholic hospitals outside of Connecticut as well.

Can anyone say “personal agenda”?  Holy hell.


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