Breastmilk: It’s not just for babies anymore!

Have you heard the news? Jennifer Laycock over at the Lactivist is out claiming that breastmilk is not just for infant consumption.  In fact, we all should be drinking it.

Or that’s what the attorneys at Fagre & Benson and the National Pork Board would have you believe she meant with her “The Other White Milk” t-shirts for sale at her store.  And namely one Jennifer Daniel Collins, esquire, an associate attorney who was paid to write this letter to Jennifer, accusing her of trying to confuse us into consuming breastmilk instead of pork products, as pointed out in this quote from the cease and dissist letter:

“In addition, your use of this slogan also tarnishes the good reputation of the National Pork Board’s mark in light of your apparent attempt to promote the use of breastmilk beyond merely for infant consumption, such as with the following slogans on your website in close proximity to the slogan “The Other White Milk.” “Dairy Diva,” “Nursing, Nature’s Own Breast Enhancement,” “Eat at Mom’s, fast-fresh-from the breast,” and “My Milk is the Breast.”

I can’t help but feel sorry for the young Ms. Collins.  She seems like a nice girl.  She has an impressive education and a good start in her budding professional life.  But now, I imagine she has now been reduced to turning out boring trademark infringement letter after letter like this so she decided to have a little fun and throw in the above laughable paragraph.

Luckily, thanks to bloggers and readers, the Pork Board has now given the Lactivist an apology and they are working towards a resolution.  Hooray for the online community!


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