Christmas Interrupted…or…Nancy Drew and the Case of the Disoriented Delivery Truck

Christmas this year has been…um…different

Consider the following:

We were in England 2 weeks ago and only started celebrating and preparing (translation: present buying) once we got home.

We still do not know if we will be moving to England.  With overseas shipping scenarios costing what they are we determined that all Christmas presents this year should be 1)small; 2) able to withstand life on a shipping container on rough seas for 3 months; and 3) non-electric – a hard combination when dealing with the toddler to preschool set. 

Last but not least: Santa decided to give Dasher and Dancer et. al. a bit of a break and shipped some of our stuff Fed Ex this year.  And for whatever reason, our FedEx truck that left Chicago traveling toward Washington State on December 20th at 7:21 am has not been seen nor heard from since that date.  Said gifts were supposed to have arrived by the 23rd, yet they never came.  That left us with quite the predicament.  Our choices were:

  1. Try to reason with the offspring. Nu-uh.  These kids wholeheartedly believe in Santa’s magic and I ain’t gonna be the one to take that away from them.  No matter what we would say, our offspring would wake up and be shattered that Santa didn’t come yet.  Obviously out of the question.
  2. “Santas helpers” (aka us) could go out and do emergency shopping on Christmas Eve.  Nope.  There is a reason we shop online.  Our crowd-phobic selves refuse to do battle with frantic parents in Toys R Us on the night before christmas to pick over empty shelves and buy stuff that the kids didn’t want anyway.
  3. Do some creative shifting of christmas gifts and voila!  Santa comes on Christmas, but “Mommy and Daddy presents” are on hold until further notice.

We chose option 3.  Our truck still has not arrived…I’m thinking “Denver Blizzard” or “Truck stolen/smashed to smitherines”.  Let’s hope for the former.  Calls to FedEx are getting the usual “do you have your tracking number…yes, it says the truck is en route from Chicago” talkaround.

Then again, the kids don’t seem to have noticed the mixup.  And if it is that storm in Denver holding things up, there are people over there who are suffering much more than we are.  Our hearts and minds are with them.

But while you’re shoveling yourselves out if you happen dig up a standed FedEx truck, give it a good push west, ‘kay?


1 Response to “Christmas Interrupted…or…Nancy Drew and the Case of the Disoriented Delivery Truck”

  1. 1 strider1989 January 4, 2007 at 6:32 am

    hyea, I don’t know you, you don’t that two unknown people knowing each other.
    Anyway I read you articles found it quiet interesting so .I say.normally I don’t… my blog………

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