Back home, for now

We’ve been back home for a week, and jet lag is just leaving us behind.  Yet we find ourselves playing catch-up on regular life’s work.

1.  Because he had such loving, tender care from his Gram, Connor has decided that he should always be treated as nicely.  Sorry, Bud.  You’ve got to remember how to put your own coat on and your own shoes on.  Mommy isn’t going to do it for you.  Nice try with the daily all-out-screaming temper tantrums, though.  But I must remind you – have they ever worked before?

2) We have no presents purchased.  We have done no Christmas traditional things we like to do such as the driving around to see the houses festooned with lights, the baking of sugary goodies, or the shopping for people in our community less fortunate than us.  Heck, we don’t even have a tree.

3) Normal life seems to have gone on without us.  We need to grocery shop, clean and organize.  We also need to move Siena into the next size clothes.  I think our miniature girl is ready to move into size 2T! 

4) Since insurance deductables have been met, I’ve had the grand idea that I should get all those little things taken care of by the end of the year.  So before I’ll be singing Auld Lang Sine, I’ll have my skin cleared of pesky abnormalites.  I even get to have an MRI for my hip – not without the added benefits of having a needle injected INTO MY HIP JOINT.

We still don’t have any final word on whether we will be moving to the UK, when that would be, and when we will know.  I’ll update as we find out more.


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