We made it!

After a grueling day of travel, we’ve arrived in England.  I’m working from my laptop battery as we’re having power cord issues (my plug adaptor has only 2 prongs while my plug has 3) so I’m going to make this as short as possible.  Hopefully we can rectify the situation tomorrow.

Yesterday we got on the plane intending to sleep so we each took a couple of Tylenol PMs and had a couple of glasses of wine.  We found out later that sleeping pills + alcohol is not a pleasant combination (you’ll have to ask Rich for the details on that one).  And because of the side effects, we did not sleep much on the plane ride.

When we landed in London, we got our bags and rental car – a Vauxhall (check out the photos!).  We upgraded to a car with a built-in GPS navigation system, which turned out to be a very good idea as we had enough to think about when driving on the other side of the road and following very different street signs and signals.  If we got turned around, a very nice proper English lady’s voice would tell us, “turn right at the next signal.  Now take the second left on the roundabout please” and all would be right again.  MUCH better than relying on us looking at the map.

When we got hungry for lunch, we happened upon an English motorist’s haven purely accidentally.  Instead of our American rest stops which basically consist of a toilet (with or without running water) and a picnic table, there are things called “Moto” which have not only toilets but fast food, a mini grocery store, a convenience store, petrol, and a sandwich stop with a sitting area much like a food court in a mall.  What a great idea.

While driving, we went through Bristol (a thoroughly modern town with all the amenities and if it were closer to Rich’s work it would be an easy pick for a place to live) and Bridgwater (a quaint place but perhaps a little too quaint for our tastes).  What a pretty area – it is green, green, green with rolling hills, period stone architecture and the occasional castle.  Amazing.

After basically making an ass of ourselves on the UK roads, we managed to make it to our inn – the Combe House in Holford outside of Bridgewater.  It is a lovely place and we appreciated our shower and very nice dinner this evening.  And on that note, it is time to get some real sleep for the first time in two days.

Tomorrow we plan on checking out the local towns (driving and walking) and perhaps doing a couple of touristy things.  We’ll update when we have the power cord issue handled.


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