“You want a pint and a pie?” Rich called to say as I was driving to go pick up Connor from preschool. Silence on my end of the line as I’m trying to interpret his intentions behind those words. Is there an English pub in town I don’t know about?

Rich started giggling. “How would you like to go to England?”

“For how long?” I say, as the possibilities that had been announced a few months back loomed before me.

“For a couple of weeks.” Pregnant pause. “For the purpose of deciding if we want to move there for two or three years.” After utilizing my birth breathing and taking three wrong turns I finally made my way to Connor’s school several minutes late.


The day after Thanksgiving, we’ll be handing over the kids to the grandparents and putting ourselves inside a metal cylinder 37,000 feet above the air for a half a day to journey to our probable new home. After two weeks, we’ll have made our decision.

Honestly I can’t think of any reason we would say no – as my dear friend said, “Who lays on their deathbed and says, ‘I’m so glad I didn’t relocate do England for a couple of years when I had that chance?'” I’ll be spending my time deciding what town in Somerset, England we will live in (Rich’s office is in Bridgwater) and what school Connor will attend (he’ll be publicly funded at age four!).

This blog is designed as a venue for family, friends and whoever else wants to join us while we make our journey across the pond.  Also once we’ve relocated we’d like this to be one way that we can keep up with loved ones without breaking the bank with our phone bill.

Wishful thinking, that one.


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